Software for automatic extraction and anonymization

Save time - get a better and safer result.

Safe and easy extraction

Crossed out text in the document cannot be recreated.
  • The application encrypts the work document so that sensitive information cannot be traced or read by an unauthorized third party.
  • The original document cannot be inadvertently edited.
  • The application registers changes and it is always possible to follow the audit trail.
  • legalXtract ensures that contiguous words and spaces turn into one black strikethrough when the document is extracted.

Efficient processes with built-in intelligence

Application for quick identification of relevant and sensitive data.
  • Automating existing manual processes makes it possible to quickly process sensitive data internally within the organization.
  • The user is spared the traditional processes (printing, marking, crossing out and scanning/copying).
  • The functions "search", "search and replace", "CPR, names, e-mail", "custom mask" and search list make the search quick and targeted.
  • legalXtract allows you to insert optional labels to anonymize text.

Search, extract and save

Built-in intelligence makes the extraction safe and the application easy to use.
  • The application uses intelligence and image recognition algorithms to identify words and images in the document.
  • Save an encrypted version and a colleague can continue work.
  • Multiple PDF files can be combined into one file.
  • The user can insert notes, digital stamps, automatic table of contents and page numbers.